National Family Business Day

Published: Friday, 23 September, 2022

Celebrating #NationalFamilyBusinessDay

We’re incredibly proud to be one of the family businesses in the UK, so in order to celebrate National Family Business Day, we thought we'd throw it back to where it all began for Brend Hotels. Founded by Mr. and Mrs. Florence Brend, Brend Hotels have been creating wonderful experiences for guests for a number of years, but what's the family story behind the chain?  

"My grandparents came from very humble beginnings and through their hard work and dedication, started us on the road to what the Brend Group is today, a leading employer, brand & hotel operator in the South West" - Matthew Brend, Director. 

The story of Percy and Florence Brend

The name Brend is synonymous with hotels in Devon and Cornwall, but what's the family story behind the chain? Percy and Florence are fondly remembered as an exceptional couple who set a wonderful example for the subsequent generations to follow and who, above all, were loving parents who did all they could to support their children and grandchildren. What started as a successful butchers shop for Percy Brend, soon became a legacy of hoteliers that would last for years to come. 

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Modern Day Family Business

Today, the Brend Group remains very much a hands-on family business. The second and third generations of the Brend family are actively involved in the day-to-day running of the hotels, and the fourth general is being trained for future management. 

The directors are all immensely proud of their family history and the strong sense of values that have driven their success. It's crazy to think that when Percy Brend started his hospitality venture more than 65 years ago, his great-grandchildren would be following in his footsteps - all driven by a desire to give our guests an amazing experience at each of our 11 luxury hotels and additional spas and restaurants. 

For more information about the Brend family and the history of Brend Hotels, take a look here